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SonicStrike Pro-X - Lenovo GM2 Pro 5.3


 Unleash Your Gaming Experience with SonicStrike Pro-X - Lenovo GM2 Pro 5.3"

Have you ever felt the frustration of missing a crucial moment in your favorite game because of low-quality headphones? Are your current headphones not providing the immersive sound experience you desire? It's time to leave those issues behind and take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Introducing SonicStrike Pro-X - Lenovo GM2 Pro 5.3", the latest gaming earphones designed by Lenovo in 2022. With a state-of-the-art gaming chip, these earphones offer synchronized sound quality with low latency, allowing you to hear every detail and enjoy an unparalleled competitive advantage. No more missing out on crucial sound effects or your opponents' footsteps. With SonicStrike Pro-X, you'll become the master of the game.

However, you need to act fast as SonicStrike Pro-X is available in limited quantities. This innovative product has been highly sought after by gaming enthusiasts worldwide, and you don't want to miss out on this sound revolution. Seize this exclusive opportunity to secure your headphones before it's too late.


  • Music/Game dual mode for synchronized sound quality and low latency.
  • Bluetooth V5.3, compatible with most Bluetooth devices and reduced power consumption.
  • ENC call noise reduction to effectively suppress environmental noise.
  • Independent single and binaural use, unrestricted by master-slave switching.
  • 10mm speaker unit for an enhanced sound experience.
  • 40mAh battery capacity for up to 5 hours of continuous headphone use.
  • 350mAh charging case battery capacity.
  • Includes 3 different sizes of earphone cups for the perfect fit.


  1. Are they comfortable to wear?

    • Yes. The headphones are designed to fit most people's ear sizes, providing comfort and convenience.
  2. Can I activate Siri voice controls with these headphones?

    • Yes, you can activate Siri by pressing the button on the left earphone for 2 seconds.
  3. Do they have buttons to go to the next or previous song?

    • Yes. Please triple-tap the left or right earphones.
  4. How do you answer a call?

    • You can answer the call by double-clicking the left or right earphone, long-pressing the left or right earphone for two seconds to reject the call, and double-clicking the left or right earphone to hang up.

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